Building Community and Confidence in the Foreign Language Classroom

Teachers need to assist students in taking an active and involved role in their language learning.  A great first step is to create a classroom culture and climate that promotes communication, collaboration, respect and responsibility.  Once this is established students will be more comfortable taking risks in speaking the language and not be afraid of making mistakes.

Building Community and Confidence in the Foreign (World) Language Classroom (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comMy students agree to try their best to keep to a “classroom contract” that is posted in the room and referred to as needed.  The major themes are:
-I communicate
-I think
-I respect
-I collaborate
-I take risks
-I take responsibility

Here is the English translation of the French contract in the photo:

I communicate..
-in French.
-with my teacher when I have questions and/or when I need help.

I think…
-about vocabulary that I know and I don’t use a translator.
-about tools that I have.

I respect..
-the cultures, ideas and opinions presented in class and I understand that my way is one possibility and not the only way.

I collaborate…
-with my classmates.
-with the goal of learning from my classmates and helping when I can.

I take risks…
-by participating in class (in French), even when I am not absolutely sure.

I take responsibility…
-by arriving to class with my materials (book, notebook, homework, a positive attitude).
-by arriving on time and ready to be a part of the classroom community.

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  1. Gisela

    I love how positive you try to keep your classroom. I know most students do not like having a lot of rules and regulations but this is great. These are more like mottos to live by. Every aspect of a classroom is covered in these “mottos”.
    1) Speak in the target language
    2) Staying away from the “easy road”. (Translators)
    3) Respect everyone
    4) Take risks, even if you are not sure
    5) Come prepared
    Honestly these are great motivators and words of wisdom, that I will be posting these in my classroom from now on.

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  4. deenaswenson

    I know that this was a couple of years ago, but I just found it on pinterest and I really like your idea of a “classroom contract”! I will definitely be adapting this to use in my Spanish classroom this year. The students start next Wednesday! Thanks for sharing!

    • I continue to use this in my classroom. Have s great school year.

  5. Cecilia Lopez

    Gracias! I loved it. These are goals to create a classroom atmosphere conducive of learning.

  6. Roxana Maldonado

    I would add “Sueña en grande y cree en ti” Dream big, and believe in yourself. Important ideas for building self-esteem, especially for those living in poverty, in less than ideal situations and with few resources.

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