Imperfect and Pretertite/Passe Compose Writing Project

I do a unit every year that  guides my  students through the writing of five personal paragraphs focusing on the Preterite/Passé Composé  and the Imperfect Verb Tenses. I  give guidelines for peer editing, self-editing, tense distinction and a rubric for grading the final copy of the writing assignment. There are twenty pages total and a table of contents to help students stay organized during the writing process. I typically give the entire packet at once,  but the sections can also be given out individually.

You can download the full versions of this project here:

3 responses to “Imperfect and Pretertite/Passe Compose Writing Project

  1. I teach Spanish, and the concepts of preterite and imperfect combined are a struggle for many students to grasp and to learn.

  2. Ghada Adeeb

    I teach French: is French version for imperfect writing unit

  3. Sorry, I put the wrong link with the French version. I updated it.


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