Up and Down: Foreign Language Vocabulary and Verb Form Activities

Up and Down: Foreign (World) Language Vocabulary and Verb Form Activity (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comThis is a great activity for students to practice language forms.  It is adaptable to many different structures.  The example below uses demonstrative adjectives in Spanish.  There are documents needed.  You can see examples below.   I call this activity Up and Down .

Each student gets a copy of the first sheetOne student begins by saying the demonstrative adjective and noun below “Principio” and the other student finds the translation on the top of one of the squares.  He/she says the translation, and then reads the demonstrative adjective and noun on the bottom of that square.  The student who began then finds the translation.  The activity continues until the students get to the last square and say “Fin”.

The students can time how long it takes to go through to the end and try it several times to try to beat their time.  Here are two variations:

  • Cover squares with bingo chip or piece of paper as they are used to make it easier to locate remaining squares
  • No covering of squares for more of a challenge.

Students can then cut up the squares and line them up in order in one long strip placing the English below the Spanish.  There are two variations:

  • Start with Principio and go to Fin
  • Start with Fin and go to Principio

A final activity can have students write in the English or the Spanish on the second and third sheets  after doing the other activities.  They should try to do it without looking back at the slips from the first sheet.  They can do this activity together or they can do them individually.  This can also be done orally with one student saying the Spanish (or English) and writing the answer of the partner (who is not looking at the vocabulary).

You can also find fully-created versions of this activity in the links below:


2 responses to “Up and Down: Foreign Language Vocabulary and Verb Form Activities

  1. Wonderful idea. I’m calling this activity “Partner Oral Dominoes” because the name will help me remember what students need to do. This activity can be used for for a bunch of different type of language interactions, such as common questions and their answers, present infinitives with past participles, idiomatic expressions, etc.

  2. I bought a French one of these on Teacherspayteachers and used it but then forgot how it was used. The Oral Dominoes is a good idea. The kids definitely liked this format and I like how the variations are described here!

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